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Our History



CFN becomes UK Community Foundations (UKCF). After ten years, Fair Share Trust comes to a successful end, having distributed £51.5M in grants to 80+ communities across the UK, involving more than 300,000 local people and leveraging £25M in additional funding.


Together with Somerset Community Foundation, we win a Charity Award for the Surviving Winter campaign.


Surviving Winter Appeal launched, the first time community foundations have run a UK-wide campaign.  Over £2.5 million raised to help more than 20,000 vulnerable people throughout the winter.

June - CFN wins Charity Award for the London Evening Standard Dispossessed Campaign

2010 is launched. Aimed at creating an online presence for small, local charities, is a social enterprise owned equally by CFN and the Ardbrack Foundation.  

October - Jimi Heselden OBE, the single largest donor to any of the community foundations across the UK, dies in a tragic accident.

September - Jimi Heselden, following on from his original donation in 2008, makes two further donations bringing his total contribution to the Hesco Bastion Fund with Leeds Community Foundation to £23 million.  


Our Manifesto for Philanthropy is published. Community foundations are appointed to manage Comic Relief funds. CFN takes over management of the Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust, an award scheme to encourage and reward philanthropic giving.


45 community foundations in England are selected as Local Funders in the Government's Grassroots Grants programme, which comprises an £80 million small grants fund, plus a £50 million endowment challenge.


Community foundations cited as effective funders in the Government's Third Sector Review.


With members, CFN establishes a quality accreditation scheme for community foundations, with standards endorsed by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. CFN becomes a strategic partner of the Office of the Third Sector in the Cabinet Office.


The network starts to work in partnership with Coutts & Co. and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation on Time for Growth. This endowment challenge programme is completed by ten community foundations, raising £19.5 million from an original £1 million investment.


At least 35 foundations manage Local Network Funds. Community foundations start to work with Comic Relief to distribute Sport Relief funds across the UK.


CFN is chosen to manage the Fair Share Trust programme, a £50 million investment from the Big Lottery Fund to be spent by 2013 in disadvantaged areas of the UK that had not received their 'fair share' of lottery money.


CFN and the network are chosen by Government to deliver the Local Network Fund, part of a strategy to eliminate child poverty. CFN marks ten years of funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to support the development of community foundations in the UK.


Community Foundation Network (CFN) established as the national association for UK community foundations. The CAF-Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Endowment Challenge is successfully completed, demonstrating community foundation fund development is feasible in the UK. Six million pounds are raised.


Six UK community foundations are seed funded by the Charities Aid Foundation and central government.


UK's first community foundation - Swindon - is founded. It later merged with the Wiltshire Community Trust to form the present Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon.


The world's first community foundation was established in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1914.


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