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About Us

There are 48 community foundations across the UK and UKCF is their umbrella organisation. We provide advice and support to our member community foundations and help UK-wide clients such as Big Lottery and Comic Relief channel funding, via community foundations, to where it’s needed most. 


Local charitable giving is experiencing resurgence as people become more aware of the need in their own communities.


There are thousands of committed individuals and groups in the UK working hard to support those who are vulnerable and engaging local people in making their particular community a thriving and happy place to live. These community groups and small charities are on the front line, tackling really difficult issues and having incredibly positive impacts. But they, in turn, need the support of others.

However, with thousands of community groups and charities in each area, it is not easy knowing where to start.

As impartial, local, grant-making organisations, community foundations fill this gap. Their expert, local knowledge means that they can provide donors with information about local needs, what groups are tackling which issues, and how donations can be strategic and best support the community.

Community foundations know that sometimes a small change makes a really big difference in a person’s life…


…and we’re pleased that many others recognise that we’re so well placed to make these changes possible. We work with individuals, families, trusts and businesses to make sure that money that they put aside to help small charitable causes, gets there, and makes a difference. It’s as simple as that.

We help the below organisations (and many more - both big and small) with their charitable ambitions, whatever they may be:

  • Comic Relief
  • The Evening Standard
  • Rolls Royce
  • London Luton Airport
  • Wren Living
  • BIG Lottery Fund
  • EDF
  • Rington’s Tea
  • AXA
  • MBNA (Bank of America)
  • Southern Water
  • Peugeot Citroën
  • Network Rail
  • Land Securities

What is endowment giving and why do we do it?


Money in our charitable funds is invested. The return on investment is given out in grants. This means, over the long term, the total money given out in grants can be far higher than a donor’s original gift.

For example, £1000 in funding could equal £1000 in grants - but £1000 in endowment could equal:

Year 1 - £200 in grants

Year 2 - £200 in grants

Year 3 - £200 in grants

By year 4 the total funds still in endowment = £1000

We invest our money because it means the grants we provide to charities and community groups aren’t ‘ad hoc’. Our philanthropy is strategic and enduring.

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