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About Us

UKCF is the umbrella organisation for all community foundations, providing philanthropic advice to clients and delivering UK-wide grant-making programmes. We provide advice and support to our member foundations and have one simple objective: to help build thriving communities.

Our Goal 

To help community foundations develop individually and collectively so that we are more effective in:

  • Building financial and physical resources for our local communities: developing funds to invest in projects with lasting impact

  • Providing services to our donors: helping them invest their money, time, and/or skills; understanding their values, passions, or interests

  • Providing finance: giving assistance, or making investments and grants, to the widest possible range of community groups, organisations, or initiatives

  • Working together in community leadership to solve local problems: learning from our donors and those that they fund, and bringing them together as partners to share their ideas on the future of their communities

Our Strategies

  • Promoting and advancing the ideals embedded in our movement and the practical application of community philanthropy at the highest possible national and international level

  • Guaranteeing and developing best practice that will increase our donors' impact: supporting consistently high standards of professional competence across all community foundations

  • Channelling national finances and initiatives: directing grants and social investment to local causes and securing investments in all community foundations

  • Enabling UK-wide partnerships that develop community philanthropy – sharing our expertise and learning lessons


We provide clients with a single access point to the UK’s network of community foundations providing companies, individuals, trusts, other charitable foundations and government access to:

  • Expertise - our unparalleled insight into community needs, supported by our intimate local knowledge and access to contacts and relationships

  • Connections - our ability to integrate our donors into the very fabric of their communities

  • Precision - matching our donor resources and interests to specific opportunities, so their contribution is more meaningful and ‘beyond financial’

  • An investment-focus - whilst we act in the present, we focus on the future, taking a long-term view on our investments and supporting projects with sustainable impact

  • Results-driven - we are credible, reputable stewards of local resources, achieving our objectives, and being accountable, transparent, flexible and practical

  • Leadership - our diverse knowledge and experience can be harnessed to create new ways of working, as well as strengthening existing work

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UK Community Foundations Registered office: 12 Angel Gate, 320-326 City Road, London, EC1V 2PT Company registration number 2651777, registered in England and Wales. Registered charity number 1004630

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